Credit Card Calculator

Get back in the black – faster.

With Beyond Bank credit cards, you’re already paying less interest, with our low-rate credit cards and 62 interest-free days on retail purchases.¹

And with our credit card repayment calculator, you can determine how much time and how much interest you’ll save in the long run by making higher repayments now.

Paying off a credit card is always a delicate balancing act between your everyday expenses and your desire to clear your debt more quickly.

Compare the total fees and interest charges over the life of the credit card with this fast, simple online tool.



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Easy repayment calculations

  • Calculate your ideal monthly repayment. Our credit card repayment calculator shows you how much time and how much interest, based on different repayments.
  • Real-life estimates. Test out different maximum and minimum monthly repayments to suit your lifestyle and income.
  • Keep your calculations safe. Print, email and save your loan repayment data for future reference.
  • Learn about your options. Build your knowledge of credit card repayment options and spend with confidence.

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¹ Interest free periods on purchases do not apply if you do not pay your closing balance (which includes any balance transfer) shown on your credit card statement for the current and previous statement periods in full by the applicable due date.

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