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How much can i borrow?

Are you wondering how much you can borrow? We know that all of our customers are different. There are so many variables in life. Try out our calculator that considers all of these factors and provides you with the answers you need today.

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  • Real-life estimates. Discover borrowing options to suit your lifestyle and income.
  • Choose your repayment options. Calculate repayments based on weekly, fortnightly and monthly amounts.
  • Keep your calculations safe. Print, email and save your loan repayment data for future reference.
  • Learn about your options. Determine a realistic borrowing amount that suits you and your life.

The results of this calculator provide an indication only and are not an accurate representation of how much Beyond Bank will lend.

Beyond Bank assesses loan affordability on a number of factors including default rates of interest, minimum disposable income requirements and mandatory living expenses, some of which may differ to the assumptions made within this calculator.

For an accurate estimation on how much you can borrow and other requirements that may be applicable, please contact us.

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