Pure Coffin Bay Oysters – Farm tours

Chris and Linda Hank. Coffin Bay, SA.

We truly have the best office in South Australia and we want to share it with you!

After 20 years of oyster farming, our family and friends (and their friends and their friends!) keep telling us that the best experience they have ever had is a trip out on our oyster punt enjoying the water ways of Coffin Bay.  And of course visiting our own oyster farm for fresh oysters plucked straight from the ocean.  You just cannot get better than that!

I guess we always knew there was an opportunity to launch a boat tour of our farm. For us to launch this tour we would need to provide toilet facilities, fixed seating, insurance, promotion and advertising, the list goes on.

With the recent unexpected spat shortages in our industry we now have time to explore this opportunity.  Not only can our business benefit, but the entire Coffin Bay community. 

Coffin Bay is a small sea side town with approximately 40 oyster farm businesses and 600 permanent residents.  You will see pure and pristine national parks, great fishing and boating, beautiful beaches and surfing spots just to name a few features.   

We believe that our boat tour can increase the time that visitors stay and play in our area.  We have received enthusiastic encouragement from other local businesses in support of this initiative.


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