We’re supporting Skin Analytics, in WA to fight skin cancer.

Recently we awarded Skin Analytics with an entrepreneur grant to further develop their Artificial intelligence skin cancer screening.

In Australia there are over 295,000 skin biopsies per year performed to find 15,000 melanoma. That means that we find one melanoma for every 20 lesions removed from patients. This is creating a large burden to our health care system.

Skin Analytics wants to undertake a study to understand how much money could be saved by using our Artificial Intelligence (AI)  melanoma detection service in primary care.

Skin Analytics, Neil Daly, WA.

Our solution is being validated in a large clinical study but early indications are that the AI performs as well as leading dermatologists. By providing that quality of screening at the point of biopsy decision, we believe we can significantly improve the melanoma to biopsy ratio, benefiting patients and reducing healthcare costs.

Skin Analytics can help identify melanoma earlier and improve survival rates through providing Artificial Intelligence-based skin cancer screening.

Save your money, support Cancer Council WA.

We also partner with the Cancer Council WA to help them to work with the community to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer. You can help too by saving your money in our Community Reward Account.

The more you save the more we’ll donate to them annually, at no cost to you. This year we supported over 300 community organisations with a share of over $500,000.  Learn more about how to support this initiative here.

Beyond Bank Supports Local Communities.

Beyond Bank is a 100% customer owned bank. We aim to be the best bank for the community. The Community Entrepreneur Program provides financial support for ideas that provide positive social and employment outcomes. 

Find out more about this program here.

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At Beyond Bank we go beyond in everything we do and that means doing more for our customers than they ever expected. It’s part of what makes us the other way to bank.

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Since 2007 we’ve given back over $18.6m to communities and we were recently awarded Australia’s Best Financial Institution in Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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