Credit Union Christmas Pageant

People of all ages gather along Adelaide's streets each November to welcome the Credit Union Christmas Pageant to town.

It's the traditional start to the festive season in South Australia. There is over 172 bright and colourful sets, including floats, bands, dancers and clowns entertained thousands of people, culminating in the arrival of Father Christmas himself in Adelaide.


A proud sponsor.

Our Pageant Tradition

We are a proud sponsor of Credit Union Christmas Pageant and we have been a part of the Pageant history for over 22 years. Our staff dress in costumes and help bring the Pageant to life as clowns, story book character and fairies.

Fun Facts about the Pageant

  • The Pageant was established in 1933
  • The very first Pageant had just 8 floats, 3 bands and went for 40 mins 
  • It is the second largest parade of its kind in the world, second only to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade 
  • It takes 1700 volunteers to make it all happen 
  • In 2010 spectators broke the record for the largest group of carol singers singing Christmas songs at the same time – 9,100 carol singers!

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