Edmund Rice Camps WA

Edmund Rice Camps offers camps and other recreational and development activities to children aged between 7-16 years who would not otherwise have such opportunities. They have a strong focus on supporting children at risk or who are experiencing some form of disadvantage.


The children that Edmund Rice support come from many different backgrounds and situations.



  • Living in a foster family home or with a relative
  • Living below the poverty line due to severe financial disadvantage
  • Those who have a family member with a disability or mental illness
  • Those from refugee and indigenous backgrounds.

For every child in care at the camps there is one leader to provide that child with a close friend, positive role model and mentor.  

Edmund Rice Camps relies on the support of the community through donations, volunteers and other people who are willing to go beyond for their community.

Join Us

Joining is easy. Open an account online and you will receive a confirmation within a few days to let you know that your accounts are open and ready to use.


Save your money with us and you can raise more money for Edmund Rice Camps, at no cost to you. Simply open a Community Reward Account and start saving to help.


Switch your home loan or take out a new home loan with us and we’ll make a donation of $250 to Edmund Rice Camps and we’ll reward you with $750 cash.


Donations go directly to the camps and programs, which support kids at risk and empower young leaders with formation, development and learning opportunities.

Edmund Rice Camps provides children with a week long holiday of activities and fun.

Edmund Rice Camps provides an environment that:

  • Improves children’s confidence
  • Creates a positive and safe environment
  • Creates wonderful memories for children
  • Develops children’s self-worth, value and social skills.

Edmund Rice Camps volunteers provide children with a close friend and role model as well as  fun and engaging activities. If you are interested in Volunteering for Edmund Rice Camps contact your local organisation.

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