Life shouldn’t be a struggle when you’re 2 hours old.

Help us go beyond for the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation.

We’re helping to raise money for some special equipment needed to treat critically ill newborn babies in regional Victoria. 

  • The Bairnsdale Regional Health Service desperately require a “Resuscitaire” - used to keep a new baby warm during resuscitation. The first 10 minutes of newborn resuscitation is critical and the quicker a Resuscitaire can be accessed, the better the outcome for the baby.
  • The Special Care Nursery at the Sale Hospital needs a light therapy or “BiliCocoon Blanket”. The blanket is used to treat jaundice for newborn infants who require treatment with phototherapy.

Help give sick babies a fighting chance by clicking the button below^ to make a donation.


Newborn Intensive Care Foundation

The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation supports neonatal care at several hospitals including the Sale Hospital in regional Victoria, the Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, and the Canberra Hospital. The support provides funding for medical equipment that is not available through normal government funding. The Foundation supports research, education activities and funding for medical equipment to assist newborn babies.     

Peter's story.

A few days after her birth, little Hanna Cursley was taken off life support and passed away in her parents’ arms. The exceptional care and compassion that Hanna and her parents received from the staff at the Canberra Hospital compelled Peter Cursley to ask the hospital how he could help other families in need.

In 1995, Peter launched the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation^ to help fund equipment, training and research for newborn care in the region. Now the Foundation supports hospitals across both ACT and Victoria.

Help the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation, simply by saving.

The Community Reward Account is an account for people who care about the community and want to help the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation continue the work they do to support critically ill babies. 

Save your money and support the Community.

Open an account.

After you have verified your identity, choose the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation when you open a Community Reward Account.*  You can open it online in less than 5 minutes.


Save your money.

Start saving and you’ll earn a great rate of interest. The more you save, the more we will donate.


The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation will benefit.

The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation will receive a donation, on your behalf and at no cost to you.

Open your account today in less than 5 minutes.

Setup is easy.


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