We proudly support Schools Ministry Group.

Schools Ministry Group.

Schools Ministry Group provides a chaplaincy service to support children and families with issues such as bullying, mental health, family breakdowns and loss. They also provide emergency response services during disasters and critical incidents.

The Pastoral Care Workers engage with students in 330 South Australian schools and have over 4,000 informal conversations with students every week. Together, we can make a difference.


Christina's story.

Twelve-year-old Christina was an intelligent and artistically gifted student, looking forward to what her future held.

In her senior year of primary school, already anxious about the change in schools before her, and confused by reports of a pandemic, Christina was hit with the news that her father was diagnosed with cancer.

Scared, Christina withdrew into herself. While the rest of the world was preparing for isolation, Christina was perfecting it.  Eventually, she broke down, overwhelmed by the world crumbling around her.

Thanks to one of the Pastoral Care Workers from the Schools Ministry Group, Christina’s change in demeanour was noticed.   After receiving care and support, Christina came out of her shell and began to trust herself and others around her. Now, Christina spends her days enjoying lessons with her friends and her nights spending time with her father.

Help Schools Ministry Group simply by saving.


The Community Reward Account is the account for people who care about the community and want to help Schools Ministry Group continue the work they do to support the local community.

You do the saving and we do the giving. This unique savings account helps grow fundraising dollars to the Schools Ministry Group.


Help Schools Ministry Group, simply by saving.

Open an account.

Choose Schools Ministry Group when you open a Community Reward Account.* You can open it online and it takes less than 5 minutes.


Save your money.

Start saving and you’ll earn a great rate of interest. And the account will help raise money for Schools Ministry Group too!


Schools Ministry Group will benefit.

The more you save in this account, the more we will donate on your behalf each year to Schools Ministry Group, you don’t pay a thing.

Together we can create more good for our community.


We work with not-for-profit and community organisations collaboratively, as partners. We do this through our dedicated community development team.

By getting an understanding of what is important to your organisation, we can develop a plan that furthers your cause whether it be through banking products, sponsorship, fundraising, volunteering or something else.

Our partners receive.

  • A simple and easy way to fundraise
  • Earn great rewards on savings
  • Another way for your supporters to help your cause.

Open your account today in less than 5 minutes.

Setup is easy.


*Before acquiring the product, you should consider if it is right for you. For full terms, conditions, fees and charges please view our Financial Services GuideProduct Guide and Fees and Charges Guide. These guides are available upon request, can be viewed on our website and will be provided at the time of acquiring the product. Interest rates are subject to change without notice.

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