Hunter Life Education

Hunter Life Education is a community-based organisation working with schools, community organisations and the Hunter business community to raise funds to ensure Life Education programs are delivered to children of the Hunter region.

Each year they deliver the Life Education message to over 30,000 children in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

The life education programs assist children and young people to achieve:

  • Healthy lifestyles.
  • Skills to respond to issues in times of crisis or stress.
  • Broader life skills to assist with personal safety, social relationships and self confidence.

Supporting Hunter Life Education will help fund:

  • Programs to tackle cyber safety, health, emotional wellbeing, personal safety and drugs.
  • Apps and online systems to engage children to assist with their learning.
  • Life programs to give children the necessary life skill to deal with real life issues.

Congratulations, your child has earnt a $30 Savings account.

Thanks to their fundraising efforts in the Water 4 Life Challenge, they have been rewarded with a $30 Junior Saver Account. To begin the account opening process please complete the form below.


$30 Saving Account offer is limited to the first 100 claims.

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