Zahra Foundation

The Zahra Foundation Australia was initiated by Zahra Abrahimzadeh’s children and Central Domestic Violence Service to support women and their children to live a life free of violence and attain economic independence.

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Zahra’s Story

Zahra tragically lost her life in in 2010 at the Adelaide Convention Centre when her husband stabbed her to death in front of 300 people.

At the time Zahra was celebrating the Persian New Year and her 44th birthday with friends. She had left her husband the year before, after enduring much pain and abuse throughout her marriage.

Thanks to the assistance of the Central Domestic Violence Services she had been able to leave and go into hiding with her three children. She remained positive and had started to re-build her life before it was tragically taken.

The Foundation

Beyond Bank Australia proudly supports the foundation. The foundation aims to assist women who have been threatened and abused in the hands of their partners. And mothers that want to save their children from violent homes.

The goal of the foundation is to empower these women to stand on their own feet. This foundation will also be a tribute to women who sadly lost their lives in search for hope of a better life for themselves and their children.

How you can help?

At no cost to you, Beyond Bank donates a percentage of the average balances of Community Reward Accounts to the registered charity or community organisation of your choice.

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