Riding for the Disabled Wagga Wagga

Riding for the Disabled Wagga Wagga

Riding for the Disabled has been operating in Wagga since 1975. Originally established by a small number of volunteers and servicing just six riders, the centre now provides riding programs and carriage driving for approximately 125 disabled clients.

With only three paid employees, the centre relies on their 100+ volunteers to help with the additional workload.

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By partnering with Beyond Bank Australia, Riding for the Disabled has found some much-needed support. In 2002, they registered as a Community Reward Account recipient organisation, and they now have 161 Community Reward Accounts linked to their charity organisation. Last year they received an annual bonus payment of over $13,000 bringing the total bonus payments received since 2002 to almost $98,000.

In 2012, we also provided them with a $30,000 Foundation Grant to assist in the purchase of a new vehicle for the Centre. And recently, we’ve been able to assist with additional volunteers via our Community Volunteers Program.

“When we commenced our partnership with Beyond Bank I could not have imagined that we would receive such wonderful support. We are very grateful and would encourage other local organisations to get involved with Beyond Bank Australia’s community programs. The support we have received from Beyond Bank has enabled our staff and volunteers to halve the time normally dedicated to fundraising efforts and get on with the important work of providing a valuable community program.” Bev Amery, Volunteer at Riding for the Disabled Wagga Wagga.

How you can help!

You can help us support the Riding for the Disabled in Wagga Wagga by opening a Community Reward Account and nominating Riding for the Disabled as the recipient. Every year we give up to 1.25% of your annual average balance to your nominated charity – so the more you save the more we can give back to Riding for the Disabled.

Charity Volunteer opportunities assisting Riding for the Disabled are also available through our Community Volunteers Program.


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