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Benefits and Rewards App.

Benefits and Rewards App.

In partnership with Perkbox.

Ready to save money, feel happier, and live healthier?

We've partnered with Perkbox to deliver a range of rewards and discounts that suit your lifestyle. Your benefits are available online and via the Perkbox app - anywhere, anytime.

  • Save money with discounts and benefits at stores you already shop at
  • Get 10 Flexi Points per month to use on rewards of your choice
  • Train hard with workout videos, rest easy with sleep stories, and wind down with guided meditation.

There's plenty more to explore on Perkbox. Scroll down to see how you can get started.

Perks hub.

Access deals and discounts at the biggest brands, all year round. Woolies, Coles, fuel, F45 training, clothing, gaming, makeup, your daily coffee, your next summer holiday... the list really does go on! Plus, we'll add 10 flexi points to your account every month to use on any reward you'd like.

perks hub app

Wellness hub.

Packed with ad-free content to help your personal wellbeing, the wellness hub includes workout videos, meditation guides, and soothing sleep stories. Relax and wind down with 35+ scientifically proven talking therapies and hypnosis audio sessions. Whatever your mood, there's something for you.

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Celebration hub.

The celebration hub is a fun and interactive way to celebrate achievements across your organisation. You can recognise your colleagues for their hard work, celebrate birthdays, vote for polls, and comment on each other's achievements... or simply give a shout-out!

celebration hub

Rachel saved $2,076 last year with Perkbox.

Rachel is a busy 41-year-old working mum who always has her hands full, juggling her career at a charity organisation and taking care of her family of four. She's always on the go, but despite her hectic schedule, Rachel knows the importance of finding ways to save money wherever she can.

Last year, the charity Rachel works for offered her Perkbox and she jumped at the opportunity. Rachel quickly found she was able to save money on everyday expenses like groceries, family outings to the movies, and clothing for her kids.

The best part was that the discounts were available at the same stores where she was already shopping, so she didn't have to change her routines to start saving.

All in all, Rachel managed to save $2,076 with Perkbox last year.


How much could you save?

*discounts are subject to change
Estimates based on ABS Household Expenditure Survey (2021) and

Get started with Perkbox.

  1. Check your email.

    Check your work email inbox for an invitation from Perkbox.

  2. Set up your account.

    Click 'Get Started' in the email. Create your password and follow the prompts to set up your account.

  3. Start exploring!

    Which benefit will you use first?

  4. Get your perks on the go.

    Download the Perkbox app for Apple or Android.

    When asked for your company domain, please enter beyond-bank 

Download the Perkbox app.


Access your benefits anytime, anywhere with the Perkbox app for Apple and Android.

When asked for your company domain, please enter beyond-bank

Need a hand with Perkbox?

Contact the Perkbox support team, available via web call, email or live chat.

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