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We believe that by creating and returning value to our customers and their communities, we create sustainable prosperity for all.

Our commitment.

We believe in a better way of doing business. Our purpose as a customer-owned bank is to create and return value and through this, change lives.

We value the contribution of our people and the support of our customers, by helping to make our communities better places to live and work.
We aim to be a sustainable business that balances profit and purpose.
We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by using resources efficiently, reducing consumption and helping our customers and our people to do the same.

The good business certification, B Corp.

As a Certified B Corp, we're part of a global community of forward-thinking businesses that push for higher standards of social and environmental impact, challenging business norms to benefit all people, communities and our planet.

We measure what matters and work to ensure our bank benefits all stakeholders — not just our customers and community, but our people, our suppliers and our environment.

Our B Corp score helps us to measure the positive impact our business has on all our stakeholders. Our impact helps to make a difference and change the lives of more people in our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you a B Corp business?

If you are a Certified B Corp, you can access fee-free banking with our Community Account.

Reconciliation Action Plan. 

Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan is an important first step in recognising our organisation’s vital role towards reconciliation in this country, particularly within our workplaces and local communities. We also acknowledge that this framework has been developed by First Nations Peoples as the best way to engage with them on this journey to reconciliation and a shared future.

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