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Card access overseas.

Use your Beyond Bank card overseas to withdraw cash at ATMs or make purchases at merchant terminals.

Heading overseas?

Keep us in the loop of your travel dates and the countries you'll be visiting so our fraud monitoring systems can better protect your money while you're travelling. You can notify us via the Mobile App or Internet Banking, by giving us a call or by visiting a local branch.

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Making purchases overseas.

Did you know you can use your Visa Debit card and Low Rate Visa Credit card overseas?

  • Make purchases from any merchant terminal by pressing 'credit' and entering your PIN as usual. 
  • Contactless payments are also available by holding your card near the contactless symbol
  • Your transactions will be converted into Australian dollars and calculated at a wholesale market value. Use the Visa Exchange Rate Calculator to check the daily exchange rate.

Please note that transactions are subject to a conversion fee and may incur transaction fees.

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Withdrawing money overseas.

  • Transaction amounts and balances will be given in the local currency (however, not all ATMs will provide a balance and some may have a lower withdrawal limit)
  • Visa cards are restricted to the standard daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to $1,500 AUD per card
  • An International Transaction fee is applicable to overseas ATM withdrawals.

For more applicable fees regarding making purchases or withdrawing money overseas, refer to our Fees and Charges Guide.

Lost or stolen card?

You can cancel a lost or stolen card 24/7 through Internet or Mobile Banking.

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