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Financial Wellbeing

Create a savings plan.

Pave the way for financial freedom by putting a savings plan in place to ensure you reach your financial goals and are protected in case of emergency. 

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A savings plan is a great way to reach your financial goals.

Having savings can help protect you in an emergency and give you peace of mind.  By allocating money to savings, you pave the way for financial freedom and the ability to choose your future lifestyle.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Think about your goals and write them down.
Compare and choose a savings account.
Work out how much you need to regularly set aside to reach your savings target.

Five strategies to help you reach your goals.

  1. Set up a separate savings account, preferably one with a high interest rate.

    Separate your savings account from your bill paying and expense accounts.  This could stop your savings getting accidently spent on bills or casual spending.  Do your research and find an account with a great interest rate for your savings. Find the right savings account for you

  2. Calculate how much you want to transfer each payday.

    Use our Budget Planner Calculator to work out how much you need to set aside each payday to reach your savings goal.

    Tip: You may need to cut down on discretionary spending to help reach your target faster.

  3. Transfer the amount you have chosen to save each pay or set up an automatic transfer.

    Set up automatic, scheduled transfers from your transaction account directly to your savings account. If possible, set up the transfer for the same day your pay goes into your account.  This helps overcome the temptation to spend the money and removes the chances of forgetting to do your savings transfer manually. Open A Purple Bonus Saver Account

    Tip: Another great idea is using a functionality such as our round2save. it's as easy as transacting on your Visa Debit card¹. Each purchase you make is rounded to the nearest whole dollar, and the round2save amount is transferred to your nominated savings account. Set Up Round2Save

  4. Leave your savings account debit card at home.

    If you are easily tempted, take out the exact amount of cash you need and leave your card at home so you are not enticed to spend your savings. 

  5. Name the account the goal you are saving for (for example car, house or holiday).

    Another great tip is to give your account your savings target name.  This makes your goal more ‘real’ and a mental picture will provide you with extra motivation to stick with your savings plan.  Hopefully you will be less tempted to remove money from your ‘House fund’ or “Holiday Fund” to go to the movies.

    You can give a nickname to your accounts in Internet or Mobile Banking.

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Stay in control of your finances with Beyond Finance Manager.

Set up a savings goal with Beyond Finance Manager and we’ll show you how to achieve it and track your progress all the way. To get started, log in to Internet Banking and find Goals under the Accounts menu. 

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