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Budget Planner.

Work out where your money is going with our free, online Budget Planner

Setting a budget can help you save.

The first step to setting a realistic savings goal or reducing your debts is understanding exactly where your money is going. With our free Budget Planner, you can see how much you’re earning and where it’s going, making it easier to rein in your spending and start saving sooner. 

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How to use this free Budget Planner. 

  1. Choose a time frame. Select between weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually.  
  2. Add your income. This could include your salary, government benefits, or any money you receive from investments.  
  3. Add your expenses. Everything from rent and mortgage payments to your daily brew at your favourite cafe.  
  4. See your results and set your savings goals. See our guides on how to set up a savings plan, how to manage and consolidate your debt, and six long-term strategies for managing your money.  

Not sure what something on this calculator means? 

Hover over the ‘i’ icon to learn more about a field or click ‘About this calculator’ in the top right-hand corner.  

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Speak with an expert.

Not happy with how your expenses measure up against your income, or unsure about what you should be doing with your leftover cash? Book a chat with a member of our Financial Wellbeing Team today. 

More tools to help you manage your budget.

If you’re a Beyond Bank customer, you have access to these great money management tools, free of charge.  

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