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Buying a holiday home.

Helping our customers buy property for more than 60 years.

Buying a holiday home can be a life changing decision.

It will provide a place for you to relax and build life-long holiday memories.

At Beyond Bank we are here to help. In fact we’ve been helping our customers buy property for more than 60 years. 

Why choose Beyond Bank?

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Redraw options
Extra repayments can either be withdrawn or you can choose to have a repayment holiday.²

Key steps in buying a holiday home.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a holiday home: 

  1. Save your deposit 
  2. Create a budget 
  3. Research the market 
  4. Get a pre-approval 
  5. Apply for a home loan 
  6. Settlement 

 Our Home Loan Specialists that can help you select the right product and navigate the complexities of buying your next home and walk you through each stage of the process with some great tips and advice. 

What might be different about buying a holiday home?

If you’ve bought property before you’ll have a good idea of what’s involved in buying a holiday home. Here are some other things to think about:  


Loan requirements.

Some lenders may have different requirements, such as lower LVRs, when lending for holiday homes. Our Home Loan Specialists can discuss these with you. 

Short term rental.

Renting your holiday home can be a great way to create some extra income. There may be regulatory requirements you need to comply with and tax consequences to consider (talk to an accountant or tax adviser). Check with your insurer to make sure you have the insurance cover you need for a short term rental property. 


Talk to an accountant or tax adviser about things like capital gains tax that might be applicable if you sell a holiday home. 

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