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Webinars and podcasts.

Listen and learn with webinars.

Sharpen up your financial knowledge with expert tips from our webinar hosts. Every six weeks we’ll deliver a new webinar focusing on a different topic designed to improve your financial knowledge and wellbeing. Places are limited, so please register to save your spot!

Hand-picked podcasts, just for you.

We've hand-picked our favourite podcasts packed with information to help you better manage your finances and wellbeing... and to keep you entertained!


my millennial money

Hosted by Glen James, former financial adviser, author and commentator, my millennial money could help you sort your money out and get invested. With topics like money, property, and careers, Glen gives you the infotainment you need to assist in starting to live life on your own terms.


The Property Couch

Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley explore all things property investing in a fun and interesting way. From which property to buy, structuring your loan, finding the right property investment strategy to tips for bidding at an auction.



KICPOD is your D&M on the stuff that matters.. and also the stuff that doesn't! Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of KIC, a health & wellness app that focuses on feeling your best, not looking a certain way


Crappy to Happy

Clinical psychologist Cass Dunn chats with interesting and inspiring guests to help you find the root of the reasons why you might not be performing at your best. Discover practical ways to make impactful changes to feel happier, more energetic, and more confident.


The Nutrition Couch

The first nutrition podcast that looks at weekly food and health trends from two of Australia’s leading dietitians and nutritionists, Susie Burrell and Leanne Ward. Their episodes cover nutrition news, trending food products, case studies and they also answer listener questions.


The Imperfects

Hosts Hugh van Cuylenburg and Ryan Shelton chat with a variety of interesting people who are willing to make themselves vulnerable, by sharing their struggles and imperfections. Hugh and Ryan discuss key takeaways we can all apply to our own imperfect lives.

Chat with a Financial Wellbeing Consultant

Understand your financial position
Your consultant will ask questions to understand your current financial situation and your goals for the future. We'll help you find out if you're on the right path.
Empower you to learn and grow
Your consultant will direct you to financial mini-courses and handy resources that will boost your confidence in making decisions about your finances.
Help you to stay on track
If you'd like, your consultant will schedule follow-up chats to help you to monitor the progress of your goals and provide some tips if you fall behind.
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Your benefits and rewards app.

You deserve to be recognised for your hard work. When you receive a reward from your employer, you can use points towards anything you like. Plus, get discounts on thousands of health and lifestyle products, as well as free access to wellbeing tools like workout videos and sleep stories.

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