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Starting out.

Starting out.

Wondering how to best manage your bills and what you need to think about when buying a car? Not sure if you should be renting or buying a home? This one’s for you.


Managing bills

Phone, WiFi, utilities, Netflix, gym membership... how do you keep track of everything? In this course, we'll show you how to plan and budget for your bills so you never pay a late fee or damage your credit score again.

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Buying your first car

What should you consider before buying your first car? In this course, we'll help you to look beyond the purchase price to understand the one-off fees and ongoing costs involved in buying your first car.

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Buying versus renting

Should you buy a house? Is renting the better option? This course explores the pros and cons of buying and renting, so you can make the right choice for your financial situation, lifestyle, and personal goals.

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Tune in to expert advice.

Tired of scrolling through search results to find reliable financial and wellbeing advice? We’ve done the hard work for you. Catch up on our curated range of webinars and podcasts anytime, anywhere.

Chat with a Financial Wellbeing Consultant.

Understand your financial position
Your consultant will ask questions to understand your current financial situation and your goals for the future. We'll help you find out if you're on the right path.
Empower you to learn and grow
Your consultant will direct you to financial mini-courses and handy resources that will boost your confidence in making decisions about your finances.
Help you to stay on track
If you'd like, your consultant will schedule follow-up chats to help you to monitor the progress of your goals and provide some tips if you fall behind.

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