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Financial Education.

Say hello to a financially smarter you.

Level up your knowledge with jargon-free financial education courses. These bite-size courses are packed with videos, games and activities to keep you engaged. Start with the basics or skip straight to the topics that match your life stage. Ready to become a financially smarter you? Start exploring below.

Chat with a Financial Wellbeing Consultant.

Understand your financial position
Your consultant will ask questions to understand your current financial situation and your goals for the future. We'll help you find out if you're on the right path.
Empower you to learn and grow
Your consultant will direct you to financial mini-courses and handy resources that will boost your confidence in making decisions about your finances.
Help you to stay on track
If you'd like, your consultant will schedule follow-up chats to help you to monitor the progress of your goals and provide some tips if you fall behind.
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Your benefits and rewards app.

You deserve to be recognised for your hard work. When you receive a reward from your employer, you can use points towards anything you like. Plus, get discounts on thousands of health and lifestyle products, as well as free access to wellbeing tools like workout videos and sleep stories.

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