Novated Lease

Save money on your new car - and save stress, too.

A novated lease is an easy way to save money on your new car and roll all your car expenses into one convenient, regular payment.

What is a ‘novated lease’? It’s a type of motor vehicle lease. It allows a business to facilitate the lease of a motor vehicle for their employee, while the employee being responsible for making the lease payments. The employee benefits from being able to make a portion of the lease payments from pre-tax income (this is called ‘salary sacrificing’).

To provide you with the best possible cars and customer service, we have partnered with Fleet Partners to provide novated leasing solutions for our customers. Fleet Partners is one of Australia's leading novated leasing and fleet management companies.

Check out their Novated Lease Calculator to find out how much you can save with a novated lease.

We’re no ordinary bank. Beyond Bank is a mutual bank, which means we don’t serve share market investors. Profits are passed on as savings for our customers and support for community projects. Join the bank that gives back.

All your car expenses in one convenient, regular payment.

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  • Save on the purchase price of your vehicle, thanks to fleet discounts
  • Salary sacrifice a portion of your lease payments which means you’re paying part of your lease with pre-tax income
  • Easy management. All costs – including fuel, registration, insurance, tyres and maintenance, along with the novated lease payments– are rolled into one regular payment
  • Get the best deal on the car you want. You don’t need to visit car dealers and negotiate a purchase price
  • Straightforward budgeting. Create a budget for your expected ongoing car costs. This will be included in your regular leasing payment
  • 100% ongoing car maintenance support. When you take your car to be serviced, you’ll receive mechanical support to ensure you are not overcharged or talked into any unnecessary extras


Optional Add-ons

Car Insurance

Find the best car insurance. Save up to 10% when you buy online.

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Car Budget Account

Budget for your car expenses while at the same time offsetting the interest on your loan.

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The Novated Lease product is offered and managed by Fleet Partners. We recommend you seek financial advice on whether this product is suitable to you.

Comprehensive Car Insurance will cover you.
Comprehensive Car Insurance will cover you.
Save up to 10% when you take out insurance online*
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