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Annual General Meeting

November 2013
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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 26 November 2013 with 66 members in attendance (including Directors and Staff).


All 3 resolutions put to the meeting (details were contained in the notice of AGM) were easily passed. The percentage of votes ‘For’ each resolution was:

  • Resolution 1 (ordinary resolution): 95%;
  • Resolution 2 (special resolution): 94%; and
  • Resolution 3 (special resolution): 94%

2013 Directors Election

The results of the Directors election were announced at the AGM. The number of votes cast for each candidate was (in ballot paper order):

  1. Geoffrey Knuckey: 3,268;
  2. Margaret Patrick (Carmody): 2,608;
  3. Heather Webster: 3,519;
  4. Steve Nolis: 3,548;
  5. Christina Ryan: 2,340; and
  6. Geoffrey Parnell: 1,315.

This means that the 3 successful candidates were:

  1. Steve Nolis;
  2. Heather Webster; and
  3. Geoffrey Knuckey.

All 3 serving Directors, being Heather Webster, Steve Nolis and Geoff Knuckey, were re-elected for a 3 year term.

Board Chair and Deputy Chair

Chris Doogan’s term as a Director ended at the end of the AGM. Earlier in the year Chris informed the Board that he would not stand for re-election. At the AGM Chris announced his retirement from the Board. Chris was appointed Chair of the Board in December 2010. Due to his retirement the Beyond Bank Board, at its meeting on 1 October 2013, unanimously appointed Anne O’Donnell as Chair to replace Chris on his retirement. Prior to her appointment Anne was the Deputy Chair. As a consequence of her appointment Steve Nolis was appointed Deputy Chair.

At the AGM Anne paid tribute to Chris’ significant contribution over many years to the Boards of CPS Credit Union Co-operative (ACT) and Community CPS Australia Limited.

View the AGM transcript of Chairman Chris Doogan and Debbie Goodin's speeches.

View the AGM Presentation.



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