Financial Education

Primary School Financial Education Program

‘Beyond Money’ is a financial education program for primary school students with a fun, in-depth and engaging education in money management.

We believe that understanding the value of money positively influences financial wellbeing for individuals, making for a more prosperous successful community.  Join the bank that gives back to the community.

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The Program.

‘Beyond Money’ covers seven financial education topics that provide students with information on earning, saving and spending money.

All lesson plans provided to teachers

  • Interactive sessions and games
  • Activities to download
  • Incentives for students.

To register for the ‘Beyond Money’ program click here.


Schools and Teachers.

We can assist schools to reach their fundraising goals.

Your school can register to be a recipient of Community Reward Program. With support from parents and teachers you could receive monthly and yearly fundraising dollars.

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Parents and Carers.

Where your child goes to school is important for their future. From time to time schools need to fund-raise for programs and equipment.

Beyond Bank can help the community deliver more programs through their Community Reward Package.


Want to learn more about the history of money and how to budget your savings to buy something you really want? ‘Beyond Money’ will help you understand more about earning, saving and spending money.

Ask your teacher to register for the free ‘Beyond Money’ education program.

Learn more about banking and the history of the Australian dollar.

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