Domestic violence and financial abuse.

Providing extra care to our vulnerable customers.

Beyond Bank recognises the diverse needs and challenges faced by our customers, particularly those who are vulnerable.

Every individual deserves access to reliable financial services and support, regardless of their circumstances. We provide extra care to our customers who need it most, supporting them to safely and confidently achieve financial independence.

Send us a secure message through the Mobile App or Internet Banking

Speak to one of our trained customer service team about your situation, 13 25 85

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Support Domestic Violence Crisis Service
Help support our community Partner Domestic Violence Crisis Service with a Community Reward Account.
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Other things to do:

  • Stay connected to friends and family. Be aware that your partner might be monitoring your transactions, your computer or phone. 
  • Talk to someone you trust about how your money is being managed. 
  • Contact us on 13 25 85 and speak to our Customer Relationship Centre staff about protecting access to your money. This could be done by re-setting passwords, restricting online access, transactions, and limits.
  • Download the app Daisy to help you access support services in your local area. 
  • Download the app Sunny if you are a woman with a disability who is experiencing violence and abuse. 
  • Talk to your employer - many have access to free counselling. 
  • Keep a diary to record the behaviour (if you can do it safely). 
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