How we support our community partners.

We work with not-for-profit and community organisations collaboratively, as partners. We do this through our dedicated community development team.

By understanding what's important to your organisation, we can develop a plan that furthers your cause through banking, sponsorship, fundraising, volunteering or other suitable activities.

As a customer-owned bank, we use our profits to benefit customers and support community initiatives.

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Aged Care.

We partner with aged care service providers and assist them to deliver much needed aged care support in our local regions.

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We work with disability support service organisations to help provide the necessary gaps in services and funding for the community.

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Housing Affordability.

We’re working with like-minded organisations by providing funding and support to initiatives that support affordable housing options for all.

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Local Community Services.

We work with local community organisations to help provide essential services for the community.

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Find out how we support our community partners.

Our gift to your organisation.

  • A simple and easy way to fundraise
  • Earn great rewards on savings
  • Another way for your supporters to help your cause.

Want to know more about our organisation?

About us.

Our vision is not to be the biggest bank, but to be the best bank for relationships. We strive to create and return value for our customers and communities, and through this, help to change lives.
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We believe that by creating and returning value to our customers and their communities, we can create long-lasting financial wellbeing for future generations.
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