Leaf Autism Services – Beyond Bank Community Entrepreneur Grant

Leaf Autism Services knows two things to be true; firstly, teachers and educators lack the professional support they need to provide best practice education and care for students/children with ASD in Australia’s schools and early years settings. Secondly, there is a significant lack of technology to support the effective streamlining of the planning, assessing and reviewing processes attributed to a child’s education and development.

This is where Leaf steps in. We provide a unique approach to evidence based, best practice training and mentoring through ongoing partnership with schools and centres across Australia.

The money received through the Beyond Bank Community Entrepreneur Grant will kick start the initial stages of software development which will provide schools and centres with a clear pathway for developing individual plans for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Using a strengths based approach, the software will produce a holistic profile of the child drawing from their developmental and educational needs.

Leaf software will bridge the gap between schools/centres and families that exists currently when children with Autism require Negotiated Education Plans. Usually an additional timely task added to a teacher’s already full workload, the software will create a structured whole of school approach to developing individualised plans. This not only saves teachers valuable time, but also provides them with the confidence, understanding and direction they need in partnering with families to empower each child to reach their potential.

Our aim is to see children with Autism seamlessly included into our mainstream schools and early years settings. This is possible when teachers and educators access ongoing support through Leaf Autism Services’ training, mentoring and software programs.

LEAF Autism Services co-founder Sofia Paku

Entrepreneur Grants – Applications are now open! (July 2017)

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