Invest in a lifestyle upgrade with your new caravan

From young families to grey nomads, there’s high demand for campervans and caravans to explore the amazing landscape we call home in Australia. If you’ve ever thought of splashing out on a caravan of your own, now you can turn it into an investment with new services designed to connect owners with travellers.

How travel has changed
Taking to the open road for a few days, weeks or months was once something that only worked for grey nomads, who are free from work and family commitments. It was relatively rare for working adults and families to embrace the joys of travelling in caravans and campervans.

But since COVID put limits on our freedom to travel overseas and made remote working the norm, many more Australians are taking the opportunity to pack up and take off. Look up the #VanLife hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see why. With so many accounts and photos showcasing the stunning natural beauty Australia has to offer, it’s hard not to give in to temptation, splash out on a caravan, take a few months off and make yourself at home in the great outdoors.

Making an income from your vehicle
To meet the growing demand for vehicles that make life on the road so much easier, new services like Camplify  have sprung up. Just like Airbnb for camping vehicles, they offer caravan and campervan owners a simple way to rent out their vehicles. Intrepid travellers can search by location and type and size of vehicle, select one to book and then arrange hire and pick-up with the owner.

If you’ve ever thought about buying your own campervan or caravan, services like these give you a way to earn money from your new vehicle. You’ll get the benefit of using it for your own road trips and holidays and have the chance to earn money from it when you’re back home.

Check the numbers add up
If you weren’t quite sure if you could make repayments on a loan to buy yourself a camper or caravan, having this extra income could make all the difference to your sums. Putting the extra money you earn towards loan repayments makes a lot of sense, plus you’ll get to help other people enjoy road-tripping to all sorts of spectacular destinations in Australia - which could be a reward in itself.

With our range of car loans, Beyond Bank can help you with getting the finance you need to buy your caravan, campervan or motorhome and head off into the sunset. Our comparison calculator can help you explore different loan options and give you an idea of what your repayments will be. You can also speak to one of our Beyond Bank team about our range of car loans and find out what you’ll need to make a loan application

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