Budget Bootcamp.
Week 4: A bit of housekeeping.


Activity 8: Plan a zero spend day.


Yeah, it sounds sucky, but if you do it for just one day, you’ll suddenly realise how much money you fritter away. 

So, ready? 

First up, getting to work.

  • Can you work from home that day? 
  • Can you ride or walk?
  • E-Scooter or skateboard?

Doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as it’s free.  

Now the big one. How to fill that dreary, coffeeless void that stretches before you? 

  • Easy. Make yourself one in the staff kitchen. Sure it’s not a double Espresso, but it’ll hold ya.
  • Take a homemade sanga for lunch.
  • If you have to snack, there’s usually some fruit or biscuits to be found somewhere around the workplace. 

Once you find out what works for you, try and do it once a month. Or if you enjoy a bit of masochism, once a week.  

Try and work out how much money that saves you and put it into one of your savings buckets. 

Your week 4 snapshot.

Activity 7.

Activity 8.

Plan a zero spend day.

Bonus activity.

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