Budget Bootcamp.


Day 5: Treat yourself + start a budget.


Not possible we hear you say. Budget spreadsheets can never be fun.  

Oh, but they can be. You just need something to sweeten the deal. A treat. Kind of like giving a kid a lollipop after an injection. 

For example, why not do the budget over a nice meal and a bottle of wine? 

Or over a picnic, surrounded by the beauties of nature.  

How you do it is up to you. The point is, use your imagination to turn something dull into something well, less dull.  

You’ll need to go online and find a budget template. There’s plenty around – you shouldn’t need to pay, and ideally you want an Australian one. Take a look at the:

Fill it out. Yeah, we know there’s lots of rows, but try and do them all. Highlight the ones you think are too high. And take a punt on the ones you don’t know. We’ll work on them as the month goes by.  

And remember. We gave you this task on a Friday. This gives you all weekend to do it. So, no excuses. 

PS. We’ll always do these chunky challenges on a weekend. And we’ll always suggest you treat yourself at the same time.


Your week 1 snapshot.

Day 1.

Make a vision board.

Day 2.

Consolidate your accounts.

Day 3.

Find your super.

Day 4.

Bills photo shoot.

Day 5.

Start a budget.

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