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Avoid online scams by protecting your personal and financial information

Avoid online scams by protecting your personal and financial information.

Following the recent cyberattack on Optus that resulted in a data breach, we would like to remind our customers to stay vigilant to any possible scam activity.

Beyond Bank knows our customer data is critical, so we have the highest levels of security and technology protecting your important information. Our people are alert and trained to detect and respond to suspicious banking activity, particularly during this critical time. 

Scammers are getting more sophisticated and creative in the methods they use to deceive victims into revealing their personal or financial information, or to get them to transfer money. 

Here are some important ways you can protect yourself and your information: 

  • Never provide personal or financial information, passwords or banking codes, especially to anyone who contacts you by phone or SMS. 

  • Beware of unsolicited requests to transfer money to an unknown account. Always verify that the person is who they say they are - whether it’s your bank or your mum. To be extra cautious, call the person or relevant organisation back on their official contact details. 

  • Change your passwords regularly for online banking, email accounts or other websites or apps that you make payments from. 

  • Enable two-factor authentication for all accounts, online banking and websites or apps where payments are made from. 

  • Secure all your devices and regularly monitor your bank account for unusual activity, especially transactions. 

  • Report unauthorised activity to the ACCC’s Scamwatch 

To take precautionary measures to safeguard your banking, consider doing the following through our Mobile App or Internet Banking: 

  • Use PayID, a quick and secure way to pay. PayID uses your mobile number or email address as identifiers, so you avoid giving out your account details. Learn more about PayID 

  • Reduce your transaction limits (on Mobile App: Login > Settings > Transaction Limits; on Internet Banking: Login > Settings > Transaction Limits) 

  • Customise your card settings to suit your needs, including: 

  • Adjust your card controls. For example, enable or disable online purchases in Australia or internationally. 

  • Enable alerts to be automatically delivered to your device. 

  • Report lost or stolen cards. 

  • Temporarily lock your card if you’ve misplaced your credit card. This block is instant and can be removed at any time, and will not stop recurring or digital wallet transactions. 

To review your card settings on: 

  • Mobile App: Login > Manage Cards > tap card 

  • Internet Banking: Login > Services > Card Management 

Additional resources to help keep you safe.

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