Make payments sooner!

Create your PayID today to enjoy instant payments.

Pay your friends fast. Beyond easy.^

With PayID you can forget your BSB and account number.

Choose an eligible PayID (like your mobile number or email address for personal banking or ABN/Organisation ID for business) and link this to your account.

Then when someone needs to pay you, give them your PayID instead of searching for your bank account details.

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Send and receive money instantly^ between eligible accounts, 24/7



With PayID, use your mobile number or email address instead of BSB and account number



Personalise payment messages with up to 280 characters, including emojis



With PayID, receive confirmation payments are going to the right person.

Creating your PayID is beyond easy!

Just in 3 simple steps.

1. Login to the app (download the latest version) or internet banking 

2. Select Manage PayID's and choose Create PayID. Then enter a mobile number or email address. Select the account you would like to link the PayID to and the PayID name.

3. Enter the secure code sent to your chosen PayID and you are ready to use it.

Dowload the latest version of the app to create your PayID.

Need help creating your PayID?

Our friendly staff is happy to assist you step by step.

Need help creating your PayID?

Our friendly staff is happy to assist you step by step.


icon-internet-banking-purple Internet Banking

Osko® is the first service available on the Payments Platform (NPP) and is backed by BPAY Pty Ltd. It will make sending and receiving money faster by using a PayID. A PayID is an alternative way to address payments. You can use this instead of remembering or sharing your BSB and account number. A PayID can be a mobile number or email address, and for businesses can also be an ABN or Organisation ID.

Osko will use the Payments Platform, a world leading technology certified to highest data security standards and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All payments made on the platform are also subject to participating banks own real-time fraud screening and detection capabilities.

It will also incorporate functionality designed to reduce the risk of misdirected or fraudulent payments, enabling the sender to confirm the name of the recipient before finalising the payment to a PayID.

Terms and conditions.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.

^Before acquiring the product, you should consider if it is right for you. For full terms, conditions, fees and charges please view our Financial Services GuideProduct Guide and Fees and Charges Guide. These guides are available upon request, can be viewed on our website and will be provided at the time of acquiring the product. Faster transfers available between participating banks, a full list of participating banks is available here

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