Jake Geltch, Nathan Hill, James Muir, Dan Winson. Wagga Wagga, NSW

We’ve spoken to hundreds of farmers, they’ve told us too much time is wasted checking on things like water levels around the farm. One farmer, Graham, spends a day a fortnight checking troughs. In spite of this, when a trough leaked last year 150 sheep died.

This inspired us to build a system to remotely monitor farms using low cost, self-install wireless networks. Our system is made up of Smart Posts and wireless sensors. Paying customers already have prototype Smart Posts installed on their farms where they can watch live or recorded video, monitor water levels and control pumps from a smartphone or computer on or off their farm. We’ve got further research and development to complete on monitoring temperature, humidity and flow sensors.

Our Smart Post system won the AWI Tech eChallenge in July 2017 giving us enough money to complete research and development. Now we’re ready to take it to market, building towers preloaded with communications equipment, sensors and cameras and sending them to  farms around Australia.

We are applying for a Beyond Bank Entrepreneurship grant to purchase a range of tools and other resources needed to scale up production. This includes a magnetic drill, a plasma cutter, a large mig welder, an air compressor and a 3d printer.

With Beyond Bank’s help we’ll be providing local jobs and helping Australian farmers.

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