Corporate Governance.

Doing the right things and doing things right.

The core purpose of Beyond Bank Australia is to create and return value and through this we change lives. Our strategy is founded on being a sustainable, diversified and differentiated business, delivering value-based outcomes to our customer owners and strengthening the communities in which we operate. 

Sound direction and solid control underpins this pathway. It requires the Board and management to be attuned to the risks in the business and the needs of all stakeholders (customers, staff, communities, partners and regulators.)

Good governance is critical to fostering a thriving business managed for the long-term interests of our customers and communities around Australia. It is the Board’s responsibility to provide the right level of oversight on the strategic direction and operational performance of Beyond Bank. It must ensure checks and balances are in place, risks are effectively managed to protect our customers’ money and decisions are financially sound to support our growth and development.

At the root of good governance is Board and management leadership to develop and sustain a sound culture focused on doing the right things, the right way and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

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