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Make payments sooner. Create your PayID today to enjoy instant payments.

Pay your friends fast. Beyond easy.^

With PayID, you can forget your BSB and account number. Choose an eligible PayID (like your mobile number or email address for personal banking or ABN/Organisation ID for business) and link this to your account. Then, when someone needs to pay you, give them your PayID instead of searching for your bank account details.

Send and receive money instantly^ between eligible accounts, 24/7.
With PayID, use your mobile number or email address instead of BSB and account number.
Personalise payment messages with up to 280 characters, including emojis.
With PayID, receive confirmation payments are going to the right person.
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Creating your PayID is easy.

  1. Log in to the Mobile App or Internet Banking
  2. Select Manage PayID's and choose Create PayID. Then enter a mobile number or email address. Select the account you would like to link the PayID to and the PayID name.
  3. Enter the secure code sent to your chosen PayID and you are ready to use it.

Need help creating your PayID?

Our friendly staff are happy to assist you step-by-step.

PayID Frequently Asked Questions.