Beyond Finance Manager.

Be in control. Up to date. In the moment.

Be in control of your finances. Track where your money is coming from and where it's going to or set up a savings goal and we’ll show you what you need to do to achieve your goal and track your progress all the way.

Managing your money is made easy because all your expenses and income are automatically categorised.

Beyond Finance Manager enables you to see your budget visually within internet banking using categories such as;

  • Transport,
  • Rent & bills,
  • Groceries,
  • Eating out,
  • Loans,
  • Insurance, and more!

Beyond Finance Manager user guide.

To help you use Beyond Finance Manager we have created a comprehensive user guide. This guide details all of the features in Beyond Finance Manager and has a comprehensive contents page so you can easily find the section you need. You can download the guide by clicking the link below:

Beyond Finance Manager User Guide.

Our top tips.

Money going.

Money Going provides an overview of where you are spending your money by categorising your transactions. Below we will look at how to view your spending and categorise your transactions.

Spend tracker graph.

This allows you to compare your spending between different months. See how you’re tracking this month and compare previous months.


Setting up goals online can help you achieve your individual goal. Whether you are saving for a holiday, car, house, or just saving. Simply include your goal amount, date you would like to achieve your goal by and set up your payments and Goals will show you what you need to do to achieve it and then track your progress.

Our top tips.

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For the security of your accounts, Internet Banking no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.

As you may know, Microsoft recently made the decision to discontinue its support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). This leaves users exposed to potential security risks. As a result, Beyond Bank's Internet Banking will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions. Going forward, Beyond Bank will support Internet Explorer 9 or later to ensure the security of your accounts.

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