Payrix FAQs

Who is Payrix and why have they been chosen as a partner of Beyond Bank?

Beyond Bank is proud to partner with Payrix, who are a payment solutions provider that enables businesses to accept recurring and one-off payments from bank accounts or credit / debit cards via Direct Debit, online/ecommerce and mobile apps. They offer an all-in-one solution that includes a merchant facility and can be integrated into your software.

We partnered with Payrix as we see them to be quite the ‘payments powerhouse’, and believe their solution will provide our Business and Community customers a competitive and comprehensive suite of payment solutions which they can tailor to their needs. 

How long will it take for my account to be set up?

Standard merchant accounts are generally set up within two (2) business days and premium merchant accounts are set-up within 10 days.

What is the Payments Console?

The Payments Console is an online portal that is a certified secure website, providing clients with access to manage their customer’s details and payment information. From the Console, you can view:

  • Transactions, settlements and upcoming payments
  • Communications – processing reports, rejection reports
  • Payers – your customers’ accounts, contact and payment details, schedule and status (Active / Suspended / Cancelled)

What is the difference between a standard merchant account and a premium merchant account?

A standard merchant account is a merchant ID which is set up to be quite generic. For example, the narration on a transaction listings/statements would not show a business name, and would display something basic such as ‘bank credit’

A premium merchant account is a merchant ID which has their own transaction description (their business name), and this will show on any transaction listings/statements.

What is a Hosted Payment Page?

A Hosted Payment Page (HPP) enables your customers to make a real-time, credit / debit card payment online. Through our flexible API’s, this page can be integrated into your website or software.

What is Transparent Redirect?

Transparent Redirect allows merchants to host a secure payment page whilst achieving the highest level of PCI Compliance.

What is a Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit is where a person (Payer) authorises a business to withdraw funds from their bank or card account. Typically used for recurring or subscription payments such as gym memberships and utility bills, they usually occur at set intervals, but may be for varying sums of money.

Why should I use Direct Debit?

Direct Debit helps to improve cash flow by giving you control over when and how often you are paid. It removes the need for you to continually chase customers for payment and allows your customers to ‘set and forget’ their bill payments, avoiding missed or late payments and associated dishonour fees.

What is a Direct Debit Request (DDR) or electronic Direct Debit Request (eDDR)?

A Direct Debit Request (DDR) is your authorisation to debit your customer’s account. An eDDR is the electronic version of the DDR. An eDDR enables you to sign customers up on the go via a tablet, smartphone or website. The customer is automatically set up within Payrix’s Console, eliminating the need for paper copies or manual data entry. eDDRs can include your logo and branding, along with terms and conditions specific to your service offering. You can automatically send a copy to your customer upon completion.

What happens if a payment is rejected?

You will be notified of rejected or declined payments via our Rejection Reports.

Will you notify my customer of a failed payment?

You can elect for your customers to be notified via SMS or email if their payment has failed, prompting them to contact you to arrange a catch-up payment.

What integration does the product offer?

Our flexible application programing interfaces (API’s) allow you to seamlessly integrate payment processing from a variety of platforms including websites, apps, billing and CRM software for one-off, recurring or batch processing. We give you everything you need to accept credit / debit card payments from your customers, while you retain complete control of your brand and customer experience.

If a payment is rejected, can it be automatically re-tried?

Clients can elect to have rejected card payments re-tried through our auto-resubmit function.

When will settlement occur into my nominated account?

Cleared funds settles into your account in 2 (two) business days

Can a failed payment be rescheduled?

A Client can request that failed payments be re-scheduled. However you should confirm that all account details are correct, before the re-scheduled payment is due to be processed.

What is Payrix' Xero integration?

Payrix is a Xero Add-on Partner that enables payment of Xero online invoices. Customers can make payments straight from their invoice via the ‘Pay Now’ button, by bank account or credit / debit card. They can also sign-up for repeating invoices to be paid automatically (Direct Debit). All payments are automatically recorded and reconciled in Xero.

Through an arrangement with Payrix Australia Pty Ltd (AFSL 418105, ABN 63 135 196 397) we offer Online Payment Facilities.

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