How can I categorise transactions on Beyond Finance Manager?


When you have completed the Beyond Finance Manager setup process, most of your transactions will be placed into categories automatically. There will be some that we are not sure about though, and you can categorise them either on the Money Going page or the Transaction History page, just look for the ellipsis:

To re-cateogorise transactions, clicking on the ellipsis on the Money Going page or the Transaction History page will display the manual categorisation screen:

  • Details of the transaction will be visible above the manual categorisation screen. You will also see a question mark next to the transaction itself, which indicates its category is in question.
  • Click the drop down arrow to see a list of all categories and choose a new one for the transaction in question.
  • You can choose to either apply this change to just the one transaction, all existing transactions for this merchant or all future transactions. For a universal change you should check the box for both existing a future debits.
  • If you would like to not use a particular transaction in Beyond Finance Manager transactions, check the box "Exclude this trasaction from Beyond Finance Manager calculations"and it will become ‘hidden’. You will still be able to see ‘hidden’ transactions in Transaction History.

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