What are Google Pay security features?

  • Your physical card number is not stored on your phone.
  • Just like a contactless transaction with your Visa card, Google Pay will not work for purchases over $100 unless you enter your PIN at the terminal.
  • If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can use Android Device Manager (www.google.com/ android/devicemanager) to instantly lock your device, or even wipe it clean of any personal information.
  • You will continue to enjoy $0 liability for unauthorised transactions in the same way you are protected when using your physical card*.
  • The device has to be within 4cm of the reader so you can’t accidentally pay for someone else’s purchases.
  • There is also a unique code for each transaction which prevents it going through twice. Even if you accidentally tapped twice you will not be billed twice.
  • The cards also have secure encryption technology which protects your card data from being compromised.
  • To further protect your money Beyond Bank operate a dedicated 24/7 card monitoring service and will contact you if we notice a transaction on your account which is unusual.

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