What is the spend tracker?


Spend Tracker shows how much money you have spent during a month and allows you to compare previous months.

1. Click the further instructions information link for more information about the spend tracker.

2. Toggle between views for your main spending account and all of your Beyond Finance Manager accounts by clicking My Accounts or Main Account.

3. To compare different months, click the drop down arrow and select a month within the last year.

4. The totals for each month will be displayed on the last day of that month. If you are viewing the current month, and the month is not yet complete, you can find the total above the current date.

5. You can click an individual date along the bottom of the graph, or an individual plot point on the graph itself to see a list of all of the transactions for that day (see below).

On the Spend Tracker page displays a combined list of transactions on a particular day for every category. You can refer to the legend for all category icons on the right side of the screen.

To move transactions into different categories, navigate to the Money Going page or the Transaction History page and click the ellipsis (…) to the right of the transaction.

A simplified version of the spend tracker can also be found in our award winning mobile app. You can find the spend tracker icon in the top right-hand corner after viewing an account:

Simply tap the icon, click 'Track your spending' on the next page and review your daily spending.

With the mobile app version, you can view your daily spending and a comparison to that day's spending for the previous month. Want to see how your spending went a few months ago? Scroll back as far as you like and see how your monthly spending has evolved.

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