Car Budget Calculator

Don’t get caught out with unexpected car expenses.

Do you always cringe when your car rego’s due?

Use our Car Budget Calculator to find out how much your car is costing you. Once you know your costs, you can work out your car budget and set up a regular savings plan from your Purple Transactor Account.

That way, you’ll never be caught out again.

Log in to your internet banking account to arrange a regular payment from your transaction account to your Purple Transactor Account. Or, contact us and we’ll organise to automatically deduct this amount from your pay.

We love to share the wealth. That’s why Beyond Bank is a mutual bank. Our profits go towards our customers and community projects, not share market investors. Join the bank that gives back.

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Easy-to-use car budget calculator

  • Calculate how much you spend on your car
  • Figure out your car budget
  • Create a regular savings plan so you’re never caught out again
  • Real-life calculations
  • Keep your calculations safe. Print, email and save your budget for future reference. 

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