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Set your savings goals and grow your savings.

Do you have a savings goal in mind, like a home deposit, a car or a holiday?

Beyond Bank savings accounts can help increase your wealth with competitive interest rates, no monthly account-keeping fees and flexible access to your money.

Our savings and interest calculator helps you figure out how much you need to save – on a weekly, monthly or annual basis – to reach your goals.

Savings accounts with Beyond Bank are a good way to earn interest while maintaining easy access to your money with internet banking and our mobile app. It’s your savings account, it’s your money.

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How much do you need to save?

  • Real-life estimates. Test out real-life situations to suit your lifestyle and income.
  • Our savings and interest calculator lets you easily calculate how much you can save based on:
    • Different weekly, monthly or annual deposits
    • Different savings terms
    • Different interest rates
  • Keep your calculations safe. Print, email and save your savings data for future reference.
  • Explore your options and save with confidence.

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