Superannuation Calculator

How much super do you have?

Take the uncertainty out of your superannuation savings with our Superannuation Calculator. Enter your personal details, desired retirement age, current income and superannuation details, and we’ll estimate how much your superannuation fund will be worth at your desired retirement age.

You can also use this Superannuation Calculator to compare the fees of different funds and discover the total fees you’ll pay your superannuation fund.

Learn smart ways to boost your superannuation by controlling how much you contribute and how much you pay in fees.

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Make smart superannuation choices

  • Find out your total superannuation fund balance
  • Discover the total fees you’ll pay
  • Learn smart ways to boost your superannuation
  • Budget for your retirement with confidence
  • Keep your calculations safe. Print, email and save your superannuation estimate for future reference.

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Calculator source: ASIC website. See for more information.

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