Term Deposit Calculator

How much interest will you earn?

Find out how much interest you’ll earn with our Term Deposit Calculator.

Decide on your investment term (how long you’d like to put away your money), enter your deposit amount (how much money you’d like to invest) and enter the correct interest rate.

Choose to receive your interest monthly, annually or at maturity1 and then see how much interest you’ll earn!

Our Term Deposit Calculator shows you smart ways to invest your money. Put your money away, knowing that your investment will earn great interest.

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Term deposits. A wise investment.

  • Find out how much interest you’ll earn
  • Try different investment terms and deposit amounts
  • Choose when you get your interest payments. Choose monthly, annually or at maturity.1
  • Invest your money for as little as three months, or up to five years
  • Earn great interest with our competitive interest rates
  • Relax and budget with confidence
  • Keep your calculations safe. Print, email and save your term deposit calculations for future reference.

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1. See our interest rate schedule for terms and conditions

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