Forage Supply Co - Sustainable clothing supporting the homeless

Justin Westhoff and Scott Rogasch. Adelaide, SA.

Forage Supply Co is a social enterprise that brings sustainability to life.  Our mission is to empower people to make small but important changes to their daily lives that will protect our environment for future generations. Beyond Bank’s Community Entrepreneur Grant will help us to launch a new sustainable & ethical clothing range, with proceeds used to provide quality clothing and support to Australia’s homeless.

The proceeds from our clothing sales will be used to donate quality clothing essentials to homeless clients, giving them dignity and comfort.  Our awareness campaign and product exposure will also spark positive public conversation and empathy for the homeless.

We hope Australians will recognise Forage Supply Co’s logo on the streets and reach out to a homeless person when they see someone wearing our brand. The fashion industry is also the world’s second biggest polluter after oil and employs over 15 million people in unethical working conditions.

Forage Supply Co’s clothing range will demonstrate how sustainable fashion can reduce environmental harm, uphold human rights and still be stylish. Our products will be sourced from Melbourne wholesaler, Bandsome, who supplies certified ethical and sustainable products.

Bandsome creates contemporary, relax-fit tops using 100% certified Australian organic cotton that does not use pesticides or chemical processes and requires significantly less water consumption to produce and wash. The cotton is 135gsm to hold shape for longer and is also compostable if disposed correctly. The clothing is hand-cut and sewn by ethical manufacturers in Melbourne and Sydney.

Join the movement and let’s create a more sustainable world together. 

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