We value and support the wellbeing of older Australians.

As a larger proportion of our population ages, older Australians face increasing challenges in finding services to support their needs.

Older people have contributed enormously to society, and they deserve to be well cared for as they advance into their golden years.

We partner with aged care service providers and help them deliver much-needed aged care support in our local regions, to make it easier for older members of our community and their families to look after their mental and physical health.

Key areas of support include:

  • The elderly who are financially disadvantaged
  • Socially inclusive and wellbeing initiatives
  • Access to information and technology
  • A better banking service for the elderly
  • In home care and support.

Our partners.

Dementia Australia.

Becoming dementia-friendly. It’s our way of assisting those living with dementia and their carers.
Learn More.

Maroba Caring Communities.

Maroba has been providing quality residential care to the over 55’s for 65 years. Beyond Bank has partnered with Moroba to further develop their ‘Wellbeing and Empowerment’ program.
Learn More.

Create more good for the community just by banking.

Each year thanks to our members we give back over $650,000 to clubs and causes simply by banking with us.  

If you care about the community as much as we do find out how we can do this together.


Together, we can create more good for our community.

We work with not-for-profit and community organisations collaboratively, as partners. We do this through our dedicated community development team.   

By understanding what's important to your organisation, we can develop a plan that aligns with your goals through our banking products, sponsorship, fundraising, volunteering and other activities.

Our partners receive.

  • A simple way to fundraise
  • Earn great rewards on savings
  • Another way for your supporters to help your cause.

Featured stories.

The benefits of working longer.

Older Australians working longer provide significant value to their employers, their workmates and the economy.
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Australia’s senior army of volunteers.

Did you know that Australians aged 65 years and over contribute almost $39 billion each year in unpaid caring and voluntary work?
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Stressing about the stress.

As Australia’s population ages, we are all having to deal with a new set of problems and challenges as we tackle the issue of caring for our most senior citizens.
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Our other areas of focus.

Housing Affordability.
Find Out More.
Disability Support.
Find Out More.
Local Community Services.
Find Out More.
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