We go beyond to make housing more affordable.

Housing affordability is a major issue and concern for many in Australia and has resulted in serious consequences for our community.  Many people are spending a higher percentage of their total income on housing.  When people are excluded from home ownership they miss out on many benefits such as the sense of belonging, a sense of prosperity and the motivation to save for something more.

We’re working with like-minded organisations by providing funding and support to initiatives and programs that support affordable housing options for all.

Key areas of support include:

  • Help provide accommodation for homeless families
  • Financial education
  • Support for welfare and well-being
  • Assistance finding employment.

Our partners.

Hutt St Centre.

The Hutt St Centre provides social services, training, programs and assistance to people challenged by homelessness.
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Beyond Bank is partnering with AnglicareSA’s Turning Point program in an effort to raise money to furnish homes and provide accommodation for homeless families.
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Compass Housing.

Beyond Bank is partnering with Compass Housing to provide a youth mentoring and scholarship program to help young follow their dreams.
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Create more good for the community just by banking.

Each year thanks to our members we give back over $650,000 to clubs and causes simply by banking with us.  

If you care about the community as much as we do find out how we can do this together.


Together we can create more good for our community.

We work with not-for-profit and community organisations collaboratively, as partners. We do this through our dedicated community development team.   

By getting an understanding of what is important to your organisation, we can develop a plan that furthers your cause whether it be through banking products, sponsorship, fundraising, volunteering or something else.

Our partners receive.

  • A simple and easy way to fundraise
  • Earn great rewards on savings
  • Another way for your supporters can help your cause.

Our other areas of focus.

Aged Care.
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Disability Support.
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Local Community Services.
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For the security of your accounts, Internet Banking no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.

As you may know, Microsoft recently made the decision to discontinue its support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). This leaves users exposed to potential security risks. As a result, Beyond Bank's Internet Banking will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions. Going forward, Beyond Bank will support Internet Explorer 9 or later to ensure the security of your accounts.

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