Being a B Corp.

Being a B Corp is just one way we measure what we do to ‘create more good for the community’.

As a customer owned bank, the decisions we make today for our customers, communities and our business need to be sustainable. We want our customers to benefit from our actions by achieving their financial goals, beyond today.

Sustainability is one our values.

We built the foundations of Beyond Bank through our values including customer first, mutuality, integrity, community and sustainability.

We want to be the best bank in Australia. And we will achieve this by acting with integrity and ethically.

Why we are a B Corp.

We are a B Corp because we believe in making business better. B Corp  Certification verifies that our organisation meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance across our entire business model and supply chain. We don’t just talk about our values, we live them.

As the first bank in Australia to become a B Corp, we are incredibly proud to join a global community of liked-mined businesses. There are now more than 2655 Certified B Corps with one clear goal - to use their business as a force for good.

Using our business as force for good.

We are committed to improving the impact of our business. To ensure this success we have set goals to improve the lives of customers, our people, the community and the planet.

Every three years we are assessed against our goals for recertification as a B Corp. Our current score is 98 and we aim to improve our score to 108 by 2020. And with the help of our people and the people we work closely with, such as our suppliers, we believe we can do so.

View our 2018 Sustainability Report and see our goals for 2019.

Our role as a sustainable business.

We strongly believe in leading by example and working with other B Corps so that together we can build a stronger community for everyone. That is why we are taking a leadership role to support and grow the B Corp movement in Australia.

In the community.

Anna Baric supported Canteen by participating in Road Raise.

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At Beyond Bank, we know that the opportunity for people to "give-back" to their communities is incredibly rewarding. As a B Corp, we are committed to supporting our people. It's why we encourage our staff to volunteer with organisations like Canteen.
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Scammers following flood-impacted communities.

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Scammers in flood-affected areas are posing as government employees, insurers and charity groups working hard to restore impacted communities. Always be alert to scam and fraud activities following a natural disaster.
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Supporting Canteen by participating in Road Raise.

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Through our staff volunteering program, Stephen, one of our Community Development Managers, is supporting Canteen by participating in Road Raise in March, riding 1,000km over seven days to raise money
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