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Credit Card Key Fact Sheet.

Key facts about the Low Rate Visa Credit card. 

Key facts about this Credit Card.

Correct as at 8th December 2020.
This information sheet is an Australian Government requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

Description of Credit Card.

Product NameLow Rate Visa Credit card
Minimum credit limit$1,000
Minimum repayments3% of your closing statement balance at the end of the month, or $20 (whichever is greater) plus any amount by which the closing statement balance exceeds the credit limit. You must pay the minimum payment due by the payment due date each month.
Interest on purchases11.99% p.a.
Interest-free periodUp to 62 days interest-free on purchases.
Interest on cash advances11.99% p.a.
Balance transfer interest rateFor a balance transfer completed within 1 month following the new card application, the interest rate is 0% for the first 12 months, and thereafter at the interest rate for purchases.

For a balance transfer completed after 1 month of the new card application, the interest rate is 4.99% for the first 6 months, and thereafter at the interest rate for purchases.
Annual fee$49
Late payment fee$20 Default Notice Fee is payable whenever you have defaulted, and a default notice has been issued. $25 Default Fee charged on the 15th day of every month whilst you are in default.


There may be circumstances in which you have to pay other fees. You can only be charged for exceeding the credit limit if you separately agree to being charged that fee. A full list of current fees applicable to this credit card can be obtained by clicking here.

For more information on choosing and using credit cards, visit the ASIC consumer website at www.moneysmart.gov.au