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Beyond Bank+

Your all-new personal money management app — to help you stay on top of your finances.

Your personal financial manager.

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We're for and with helping you to achieve your financial goals, so we developed Beyond Bank+ to work in addition to your existing Beyond Bank app.

Beyond Bank+ is your all-new, personal money management app keeping you on top of your finances, through real-time insights, categorised spending, budgeting and so much more.

So sit back, relax and let Beyond Bank+ do the heavy lifting for you!


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Categorise your spending

Features Categorise Your Spending

Track your budget

Features track your budget

All your accounts in one place

all your accounts in one place screen

Set savings goals

Set savings goals page screen

Get Started with Beyond Bank+

  1. Install the App.

  2. Create a Beyond Bank+ Account.

    • Open the App and create a new Beyond Bank+ account (this is separate from your Beyond Bank login details)
    • Follow the prompts to set up biometrics and passcode
    • You will now be logged in!
  3. Connect your Beyond Bank accounts.

    • Select the 'Accounts' tab
    • Click the + button at the top right of the screen
    • Select Beyond Bank
    • Click continue to start securely connecting your Beyond Bank accounts:
      • choose your consent period - e.g. 3 months
      • consent to the data you want to share - e.g. Account details, transaction details
      • review the data sharing information and click on 'I Consent'
      • you will then be required to connect with your Beyond Bank membership number and a One-Time Passcode.
    • Your Beyond Bank accounts will now be connected.
  4. Start exploring these features.

    • Customise your dashboard widgets to suit you via Settings and Dashboard Settings
    • Categorise your transactions how you want - use the automatic category or a custom one of your own via Recent Transactions
    • Manage your bills - add a manual bill from Upcoming Bills or select an individual bill to edit the information
    • View how you spend between living and lifestyle
    • Setup a budget with your preferred budget cycle and amount. You can name it whatever you want
    • Create a personalised goal linked to an account with a target amount and a date to aim for.

Learn more about money management.