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What is PayTo?

Watch below to find out how PayTo keeps people and business moving.

PayTo is a new digital way to pre-authorise payments directly from your bank account. It can be used to make one-off or recurring payments in real time.

It works similarly to direct debits – but it’s much better! 

Just like a direct debit, PayTo allows you to make automatic payments from your bank account for anything from phone bills to flights or your gym membership. You can choose to use your PayID or BSB and account number to set up payments.

It’s better than a direct debit because you can set up your payment authorisation to merchants online, which is faster and easier than arranging for a direct debit authority. PayTo agreements (records of your payment authorisation) can be viewed, changed, or stopped within the security and convenience of Internet Banking, giving you more control over these payments.

Benefits of PayTo.

Send money to merchants in real time.^
With PayID, use your mobile number or email address instead of BSB and account number.
Manage your payment details anytime in Internet Banking.
PayTo is built on the same secure system as PayID and Osko.

Want to learn more about PayTo?

Welcome to PayTo

Our quick start guide to getting to know PayTo.

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PayTo feature instructions

A "how to" guide of most-used features.

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PayTo FAQs.

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